Red Carpet Banner

The Best Banners and Backdrops for Red Carpet Events

There used to be a time when red carpet events were exclusive to the A-list celebrities of Hollywood as a place to walk and talk and generate buzz for their upcoming movies. With time, the number of such events taking place every month has seen a significant increase. Today, similar events are held for independent productions, award shows, web video and even fan conferences. This has given savvy brand managers a tremendous opportunity to generate publicity for their brand. The way this is done is through red carpet banners and backdrops, popularly known as step and repeat.

Step and Repeat Backdrops Provide Great Publicity

A step and repeat backdrop is a large sized banner in front of which celebritries get the pictures clicked at red carpet events. These banners typically display a company logo and brand name multiple times all over them in a repeating pattern. With an effeciently designed red carpet banner at the right event, you manage to get your brand name and logo featured in pictures that go up all over the internet and print media. The amount of visibility you gain in this way is unmatched and goes a long way in building your brand recall and boosting your sales.

Red Carpet Backdrops Give an Amazing Return on Investment

With an investment in a red carpet banner and space for it at an event you open up yourself to an advertising medium with limitless potential. Moreover, a step and repeat backdrop from the right vendor can reused numerous times. A one time investment can provide you significant rewards many times over. We, at New York Banners have seasoned specialists in printing and offer the best quality banner materials, ensuring that your advertising displays last for years and provide you the best possible return on investment.

You Also Get to Grab Invaluable Pictures

Apart from the amazing online and offline publicity, step and repeat banners offer you another great benefit. You get to take amazing photos of yourself with celebrities, big-shots of the industry, thought leaders and business heads. These pictures can be invaluable for your company and will aid you in advertising your brand for several years. They might even end up helping you take your business to the next level.

Choosing the Right Vendor Can Make a Huge Difference

A major red carpet event can be the best opportunity you get in many years for building brand awareness. Needless to say, you won’t want anything going wrong on your big day. For instance, a banner holder toppling over a bunch of celebrities could be a major disaster. To ensure success at the event, get your backdrop from a reputed printing company. We, at New York Banners have several years of experience in backdrop printing and are an established player in NYC banner printing.

New York Banners brings your design to life on a scratch free and washable banner material with curl free edges. The printing is done digitally in an excellent 720X720 resolution using dye sublimation, making sure that your branding appears vividly and makes a lasting impression. The backdrop comes with a sturdy and long lasting banner holder. We also provide thorough customer suppor throughout the printing journey. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Our team of experts are happy to help.